Author: Rodney Scott

Useful BIM Software Programs

There is a number of advantages of using BIM software program. The importance of programs can be judged by the fact that the governments from all over the world have made this program as an integral part while performing any construction project. There have been many issues with the programs which are either not certified or come up with precise measurements. The fact is that it is very important to make sure that the best program is chosen to get the work done. Before making sure that a project is started quality program should be at hand so that no issues arise. Making construction projects successfully massively depend upon BIM consulting. The building information modeling programs also make sure that the modeling is done in the best manner.

There are many features of the program which is to be considered before choosing one. Some programs are open source and others are commercial. Whatever the status of the program is should be able to deliver in the best manner. The program should pose no challenge at all to make sure that the best outcome is generated. Some open source BIM applications which provide exceptional results are described as under. These programs have been designed in such a way that they support most of the platforms available.


This 3D communication model is the best example to make sure that clients get the end result really fast. It has iOS and Android apps as well which makes it much handy. The 3D modeling which has been done can be explored to reveal the final product. It also supports remote connections which make sure that the client can also change the structure as per desire and under the control of experienced architect. The workers on the other hand also get complete information about the way they should proceed with the project. There is a feedback section as well which can be used to get info about the lack of coordination.


It is also an open source tool which can be used to create the project before it is started. It is a complete toolkit that would make sure that the best outcome is generated and the total capabilities are explored. The best part of this program is that there is no need of any proficiency in the software field to operate this program. It is simple and can be operated by a rookie. xBIM stands for Extensible BIM and therefore it can be used to cater the construction needs of any size of the building.

B – Processor

This program works at its very best if it is used from the start of the project. Some tasks which are repetitive and monotonous can easily be performed by this program. There are many issues of building information modeling which can easily be dealt by this program. The use of the program is simple and requires nothing exceptional. From energy consumption to elevator points this program has it all. The reporting system has also been embedded to capture every useful bit of information to carry on with the task.