Are You a Victim of Drunk Driving? Here’s what you need to know


14 % of all road deaths in the UK are caused by drunk driving. People know that they shouldn’t drive while they are drunk. Drunken state reduces coordination between your muscles and your brain, reduces night vision by almost 25%, and causes blurred and peripheral vision problems which are often the main cause of accidents.

You shouldn’t be hurt because of others’ irresponsible or careless behavior, no matter what. While the consequences of any accident are severe and cause emotional and psychological impacts, you can at least work towards mitigating the financial impacts of these accidents.

  • If you have been injured or your loved one has suffered or been killed in an accident caused by drunken driving, you can apply for a compensation claim against the person responsible.
  • In case you are not entirely sure about how to file a claim, you have an option to benefit from the assistance of a solicitor to help you with the proceedings.
  • It is ideal to hire a solicitor who has an experience of at least four to five years and also has positive feedback from previous customers. You may find such specialist on the Solicitors Guru.
  • If you think that you cannot manage such services financially, you can look up for no win – no fee option, as this agreement will reduce your financial risks by ensuring that you don’t have to pay solicitors if you do not beat the case. If you do win the claim, you will have to pay the solicitors an amount of pre-determined fees. Read more on that matter in the no win no fee inquiry.

Claim against the drunk driver

The permissible limit of alcohol in blood for driving is not more than 80mg per 100ml of blood. Any number above this can cause the driver in question to have his license taken away and get a prison serving sentence which can last up to almost 14 years. He can also face huge fines and a driving ban.

You can make sure that the person responsible pays for his mistakes. You can claim not only for injury, but also for any other losses you incur directly as a result of the accident — for example, loss of work due to injuries and subsequent loss of income.

You need to apply for the claim within three years of the accident occurring. You should be a resident of the UK or ideally any of the other European Union countries.

Knowing about the “No-Fault” Laws

There are some places where the “No-Fault” state laws are in effect in which case, your options for applying for a compensation claim are limited. In these cases, you mostly need to pay for all your losses through your personal insurance. However, this is the case for minor injuries. If your injuries are severe and the losses are very high, you can apply for a personal injury claim in spite of living in these states.

You should ideally keep all medical records and evidence as much as possible to increase your chances. No matter the degree of injury, if you feel that the other person was responsible, you should not hesitate to claim compensation for your suffering.

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