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The Principle Of Operation Of Water Treatment Plants

The ultrasonic cleaning technology, pioneered and developed by innovators like Hilsonic, one of the UK largest ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers, gains momentum confidently. With the appearance of cheaper ways to produce ultrasonic equipment, more and more industries have started making use of a high quality cleaning approach. With the latest developments ultrasonic capabilities have been applied into a conceptually different area – water treatment. So how does it work? Technologically, the process has much in common with ultrasonic treatment. The article focuses on the mechanisms used in an average ultrasonic water treatment machine.

How it works

Contaminated water by gravity or pressure is fed to the first compartment via the tube. The water is supplied to the first compartment and movement speed decreases sharply due to increased volume. Reducing the liquid flow rate results in that the liquids, oil and oil product pollutants are displaced upwards and water collected on the surface under the influence of gravity. Simultaneously solid contaminants such as sand and insoluble impurities settle to the bottom of the container. (more…)